Latest Projects


Contract Name Client Location Contract Description CIDB Rating
Cahora Bassa 533kV Emergency Line HCB Mozambique Emergency repairs to fix the fallen towers and restring and regulate Zambezi & Oden Conductor CIDB 6
Rhombus-Lethabong 88kV Line Eskom Brits Construction of 25km 88kV Chicadee line, supported on single circuit mono poles and 3-pole structures. CIDB 6
Stoney Drift to Stafford 132kV Line Buffalo City Municipality East London Stringing of Chicadee phase conductor and OPGW on Stoneydrift and Stafford 132kV line CIDB 6
Makaula 132kV Turn-in Line Eskom Mount Frere (a) Installation of ADSS on existing Mt Frere Mathafeni 132kV Line to maintain communication between the three subtations (Mt Frere S/S, Mahafeni S/S and Makaula S/S), (b) Construction of the New Makaula 132kV Turn-in Line to the New Makaula S/S and installation of OPGW on the new turn-in line. CIDB 6
Lwandlolubomvu 3 Electrification Project 22kV line Eskom Mount Frere Excavation, Installation of Poles, Fox OHL Conductor and 908 Service Connections CIDB 6
Elliot Sappie OPGW Repairs Eskom Elliot Repairs to the OPGW on the Elliot Sappi Line Structures 270 – 281 CIDB 2
Rossco Bracken 88kV Line Deviation Eskom Witbank The Construction of dismantling of about 3km 88kv Copper line between Bracken and Rossco Substations and to deviate and Rebuild 2.289km of Chicadee line within Mpumalanga Operating Unit CIDB 4
Buffalo Port Rex No. 2 132kV tower refurbishment Eskom East London Cleaning, painting of structures and replacing bolts on specified towers as per scope of works CIDB 3
Ruigtevalei Dreunberg 132kv Line Eskom Gariep Dam Complete 85km of 132kv line between Ruigtevallei and Dreunberg substations. This line must be strung with Chicadee conductor and templated at 70 degrees. OPGW is required. CIDB 6
MTN Henderson Eskom Cathcart Create MV white phase underline T-OFF from structure HEN-44 and build 2172m of MV line using 35mm2 Fox conductor up to structure LMFG002-27. Terminate MV line at structure LMFG002-27 and install 25kVA transformer. At terminal structure LMFG002-27 install with 25kVA meter kiosk. CIDB 3
Lepini Waterval 88kV Line Eskom Johannesburg Dismantle existing line and rebuild 88kv line CIDB 7
Minor Works in the Eastern Cape Operating Unit Eskom East London Building Of Electricity Network Assets For A New Point Of Supply, Upgrading An Existing One Or Dismantling It For A Customer Or Another Stakeholder
Contract Name Client Location Contract Description CIDB Rating
Electrification panel – 2016: Eastern Cape Operating Unit Eskom East London Panel Contract For All Categories Of Electrification Connections Within Various Operating Units In Distribution Business ECOU
Needscamp-Prospect to Prospect Needscamp 11kV Spur Lines Rebuild/Refurb Eskom East London Construction of remaining works on the Prospect-Needs Camp Line and surounding spurs CIDB 5
Adriadne Eros 400kV Jyoti Structures Scottsburgh Civil works for 40 x 527A, 527C and 527D Towers CIDB 7
Gordonia Substation 132kV Eskom Uppington Civil Works and Assembly and Erection for 103 x Self Supporting Intermediate and Strain Mono Poles, Stringing and Regulating of 20km of Kingbird OHL CIDB 7
Silimela-Tubatse 400kV Eskom Rotek Limpompo Supply & Installation of Foundations & Tower Steel Assembly for Tubatse Silimela 400kV line CIDB 8
Massa Ngwedi 400 765kV Line Jyoti Structures Northerm Stringing of 10.6 Kms (from structure 292 – 310)- Section D in Masa Ngwedi 400KV Line CIDB 3
Qumbu Amacwera 132kV Section 1 Eskom Qumbu Supply and Install. Civil work, assemble and erect 273A Tower Series, 255 Tower Series Lattice, Stringing and Regulating of 18km of Chicadee OHL CIDB 7
Qumbu Amacwera 132kV Section 2 Eskom Qumbu Supply and Install. Civil work, assemble and erect 273A Tower Series, 255 Tower Series Lattice, Stringing and Regulating of 9km of Chicadee OHL CIDB 7